JEX EUROPE, a UK based company with a showroom and warehouse in the heart of Europe, is one of the most exciting accessories suppliers in Europe. Producing an incredible range, individually designed to "make you feel special". We understand there is now a shift in the fashion industry; Accessories are not now only an after thought! Clothes no longer just "come first" but scarves, hats, gloves and bags are just as important, "outperforming the other aspects of the market with ease".

JEX EUROPE’S leading Design and Production team has vast fashion experience and know-how specializing in Creative Inspirations that bring you the best in current fashion trends. Each product is specially designed with particular style and attention to produce a collection of the season's "MUST HAVE" fashion accessories.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the Expertise in Design and Production that ensure our collections are continually moving forward at cheaper prices. Manufactured in China, each collection is individually branded with its own logo and can be produced on request for each customer’s private label. Our "HOT" winter product range features scarves, gloves, hats and handbags, our "COOL" Summer range features bikinis, flip flops, hats and bags.

JEX EUROPE’S unique production and delivery process reflects how we guard our reputation. We stress excellence in Product Quality, Quick Delivery, pricing and Customer Service. JEX Europe is able to offer a range of sales options, including FOB China.

Because we are so customer focused, we work closely with our clients to ensure that our products fit, complement, and strengthen their existing ranges and hence, their overall image, as your success is just as important as our own success.

People like what we do, and our aim is to make our products "a Girl's Best Friend" and create a “boy's coolest look".

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